IP Protections is a company established to provide protection and security to your digital assets through identification, monitoring, and removal of online threats, expanding protection outside of your internal security perimeter. Fraudulent phishing attempts and executive impersonation attacks can affect your brand credibility permanently in the eyes of potential customers. In addition, counterfeit products and trademark infringements can lead to a negative view of your product quality and customer service – even though your company may not even be aware this is happening.

That’s where the team at IP Protections can step in to help protect your company from harmful online threats, with our innovative technology and automated threat detection techniques.

We provide the following services to identify all fraudulent activity against your company:

  • Patterns detection
  • Built-in enforcement case management
  • Cross-brand detection
  • The Matrix detection cross platform
  • Mobile apps monitoring
  • And more!

Once threats are identified, we will take appropriate action to remove them for good. We are proud of our commitment to making your online presence safe for your customers, your employees, and your company brand.

Join us in our journey to remove online threats for a safer digital sphere for your customers and your company.