Trademark Infringement

We Find and Remove Online Trademark Infringement

Your company logos and visual trademarks are uniquely yours, and should never be fraudulently used in the online marketplace without your consent. Within the vast online space, there will likely be many instances of potential trademark infringement, especially with regard to larger, highly recognizable companies. Our automated process will gather all relevant data and evidence, and will prioritize threats by their risk level to your brand credibility.

How do we effectively identify these risks? IP Protections employs an advanced proactive search technique which detects all domains using your company name, product name, infringement within web content, and other instances of logo and graphic trademark imitations.

Our efficient Case Management team will help you monitor the status of takedown warnings, send follow-ups as necessary, and collect relevant evidence with regard to the perpetrator’s subsequent actions. We will always provide actionable reports to you as a way to improve your future strategy against online trademark threats.

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Be in Control

Gain full control by learning what is out there and what is harmful for your company.

Advanced Anti-Phishing

BrandShield’s Anti-phishing dashboard includes innovative features like Website Duplication Detector, automated takedown notices, blacklists and more.

Enforcement Experts

Experienced and knowledgeable enforcement managers analyze your company threats to determine efficient course of action.

Logo Recognition

Cutting edge technology developed by BrandShield locates logos within graphic items.

Social Media Protection

Monitor major social media platforms to detect phishing attempts and executive impersonation, where your customers and employees are exposed.

Reports & Statistics

Periodic and other detailed reports with monitoring, detection and enforcement activities.

“IP Protections is a technology that helps change the balance in the fight against counterfeiters. The analytical capabilities of IP Protections allow our team to locate the most damaging online problems for New Balance at any given time. The interface is extremely intuitive yet has a magnitude of capabilities that help us perform and manage our enforcement activities with higher efficiency.”

— Elizabeth B.